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About Us

Happening Radio is situated in the heart of the Helderberg area where it serves
the community on many different levels.
The most exciting news is that we broadcast online to hundreds of Radio Apps, Social Media sites like Facebook,
Twitch TV, and Youtube reaching listeners all over South Africa and even internationally!

We offer partners a holistic advertising approach, target driven solutions with complete Social conscienceness of what matters to our

We are; At the heart of what matters…
We live in a Modern Era, using Modern streaming technology to enrich Modern lives and to make a difference in yours!


  • Users Consume Content on their own time
  • It’s Not Overcrowded yet
  • Streaming reaches Highly Targeted Niches
  • It’s Cheaper than conventional Radio
  • Real-Time Engagement with Users all across the Globe
  • The Ability to Repurpose Content

This exciting innovative business is happening right now!

  • You can listen to Happening Radio on any Radio App!
  • Happening Radio offers you Full Circle Marketing Solutions (Radio, Multimedia / Video, Social Media, Television etc.).
  • Our Radio programming offers a wide variety of shows including; Music (from Rap to Classical), Talk shows, Interviews and relevant News supplied by our Media Partner (Maroela Media).
  • We can do outside broadcasting anytime, anywhere… Imagine the possibilities of having Happening Radio at your shop or product launch with a selection of artists, celebrities and of course your favourite presenters giving sparkle to your special event.


  • Product and Shop Launches.
  • Outside Broadcasting (with artists, entertainers, celebrities & presenters).
  • Audio & Video Services (Marketing Videos, Music Videos, TV Advertisements).
  • Social Media, Design & Marketing (Graphic Design, Printing & Online).

OUR REACH (As of May 2022)

We have 6700 Unique IPʼs (users) listening each month
This means our listener reach is almost exceeding 30 000 per month!
We reach 13 000 Users per month, just on Facebook
Our videos get watched an awesome 23 000 per month
The new improved Happening Radio is not even a year old….
We are growing bigger, stronger and better every day!

Happening Radio opened its doors through hard work, dedication to our
community, long hours and passion for what we do…. Donʼt you think itʼs
time to have this team on your side? Join hands today and become part
of this fast growing Happening Radio Community.